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CloudyHill is a small website design and computer software house based in Kinross-shire, Scotland.

We can design and build the smallest to the largest of websites, or create customised Windows software to run on your PC or laptop.

Let us assess your requirements and present you with a tailor-made solution to your website design or desktop software needs.

Home Users and Small Businesses
We are happy to put together small websites of one or two pages, with prices negotiable depending on your needs. Of course, you can always start small and expand later with additional pages. We´re always glad to help - it´s your choice.

Frustrated with your Home Computer?
In addition, our PC Doctor service can lend a hand if you are having problems setting up a new PC at home, or if you need help installing software or dealing with viruses.

Larger Business Users
From initial analysis to the finished website or system entering production, you can rely on CloudyHill to deliver the functionality and quality that your users and customers expect. See our Business Services page for the full range of what we can offer.

So, whether you need a brand new website, a tweak to an existing site or just some help cabling up a new PC, email or give us a call for quality service at very reasonable prices.

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