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In order to design and build your web site so that your needs (or those of your organisation) are fully taken into account, we need your help.

You should tell us the purpose of your site, and perhaps who the target audience will be - should the site be bright and colourful, sober and professional, or maybe somewhere in between the two? Will it simply be displaying information, or perhaps advertising products or services?

Would you like to base your web site on the "look and feel" of an existing site that you particulary like? If so, tell us the address of the site and we will happily oblige.

What should the content of the pages be? You will need to supply the text, possibly the names of any menu items and maybe even graphics (photographs, clip-art, drawings) that will make your site more individual and eye catching.

And talking of menus, is there a style which takes your fancy? Buttons or text down the left hand side, a bar across the top of the page? We can do whatever you would like, or suggest ideas and alternatives ourselves.

The rates below apply to standard web pages without any form of database access (ie. guest books, forms for submitting information etc). If required, such extras would be charged at our 30 per hour standard business rate.

Single page:  100

Double page: 180

50 for each subsequent page.

Included in the package will be

  • The full page design including graphics (supplied by yourself or designed by us), background colours, page title, menus etc.

  • A contact email address

  • Search engine registration with Google

  • 6 Months reasonable maintenance work.

Additional fees and services not included in the package:

  • Domain registration and web hosting

  • Advertising fees

  • Any database requirements

  • A search facility on your web page

We can help you arrange domain registration and web hosting if you have not already done so - please feel free to ask.

For changes to your web site after 6 months, or for any changes during the initial 6 month period over and above what might be considered "reasonable maintenance", there is a standard charge of 30 per hour. However, some changes, for instance altering a telephone number or email address, take very little time and will always be done free of charge.

Please email us with your requirements at tonydyson@cloudyhill.co.uk


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